This isn't your grandfather's patent practice.

Today's rapidly evolving patent landscape requires a unique combination of knowledge, innovation, and experience. Patents by Benasaur works with you to obtain valuable patents that accurately reflects what you have invented and offers strategies to help you defend against infringement claims.


why benasaur?

Today's patents are issued in an environment where attorneys don't understand the technology, examiners are overworked, and the law itself is evolving. It is easy to obtain worthless, unenforceable patents, or have your business model be threatened by one. 

Benjamin Kuo, Esq. leverages his tech industry background, legal education, people skills, and examiner experience at the USPTO to bring your organization high quality, streamlined patent prosecution, at a fraction of the cost of a large firm.

If you are a startup, we offer a graduated strategy to help you first obtain a filing date at minimal cost and defer expensive prosecution, and to extend response timelines to help you spread out costs. 

Should you be threatened with a patent suit, we can determine whether in fact the infringement claim has merit, and more importantly, whether the patent asserted is enforceable, as well as providing lower-cost strategies compared to litigation in federal court.

Are you a patent practitioner or a pro se inventor with a difficult case? We can provide you with insight to the Patent Office black box and help you plot a path forward. 





  • Licensed in California since 2008 and before the USPTO since 2010
  • While at the USPTO, examined over 100 applications in Internet technologies, computer networking, and software
  • Alumnus, Santa Clara University School of Law and University of California, Irvine